Conrad Steinmann, Recorders

A Series of 8 Videos

It was a great pleasure to record this video series with Conrad Steinmann. His own compositions and his unique playing on these simple instruments are a revelation for me!


Trad. from northern Thrace/Greece, after a field photo 1973 with Nikos Strikos, lýra, and Ioannis Poulimenou, daoúli.

Conrad Steinmann plays a soprano recorder in c'' (Rosenborg) by Evgenij Ilarionov, Kiev.
Played in front of the 3-part "Rorschach Screen" by Peter Randall-Page on the occasion of his solo exhibition in the monastery Schönthal/Langenbruck (Switzerland).

Qale Gnizza

8th sound of the church Qale Gnizza, ev. from the 6th century, handed down by the archdeacon Asmar from Beirut, with a comment of August 20, 2019 by Conrad Steinmann.

Conrad Steinmann plays a Renaissance bass recorder in C by Bob Marvin, 1991.
Played in front of the sculpture "Envelope of pulsation 1" by Peter Randall-Page on the occasion of his solo exhibition in the monastery Schönthal/Langenbruck (Switzerland).

Conrad Steinmann: 4pm

Conrad Steinmann: 4pm (2013)
for a renaissance or flute in c''with as narrow a bore as possible

Conrad Steinmann  plays on a tenor flute by Evgenji Ilarionov (Kiev) after a model by Claude Rafi, Lyon, c. 1540, on the pitch of 465

Conrad Steinmann: alfabet

Conrad Steinmann: alfabet (2010)
for a bass recorder
inspired by the poem "alfabet" by the Danish poet Inger Christensen and written for "Alif Beh" by the Egyptian artist Hazem El Mestikawy.

Bulgarian folk song

Plačí, plačí, naplačí se (trad. from Bulgary)

Wine, wine, Marí Máro ejo,
wine you out,
your girlhood is over...

Conrad Steinman plays on a Rafi tenor flute by Evgenji Ilarionov (Kiev)

Conrad Steinmann: Lamento

Conrad Steinmann: sopra il lamento di Reso per soprano solo (2014)
Paraphrase of the " Lamento " for flute solo by Reso Kiknadze (Georgia)

Jacob van Eyck: Pavaen Lachrymae

Jacob van Eyck (c. 1590-1657):
Pavaen Lachrymae, from: Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Utrecht 1644
after "Lachrimae Antiquae" by John Dowland.

Conrad Steinmann plays on a renaissance flute in g' from Mammut, by Taavi-Mats Utt (Estonia), 2003.

Conrad Steinmann: vivace e suave

Conrad Steinmann: vivace e suave (2017)
for 1 alto recorder
with thanks to Sylvestro (Ganassi) and Ivo (Dimchev) for inspiration


This whole video series with Conrad Steimann awakens in me what Heidegger calls "uncanny". Not uncanny in the sense of spooky, but in the sense of non-native.

When you suddenly step into a completely strange landscape, in which everything you know disappears and the structures of what you are and know dissolve, so that something really new can happen. It's very nice how the tranquility of the artist's posture merges with the silence of the surroundings and the music seems to come almost completely out of nowhere. Almost as if the music here is a playing of what otherwise possesses neither language nor sound.

Andrew D'Ambrosi