Exhibition at the Federal Palace Media Centre, Berne

Medienzentrum Ausstellung
Exhibition: May 7th to June 29nd, 2018
at the  Federal Palace Media Centre in Berne

Opening hours of the exhibition: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Registration by telephone for the exhibition visit to Beatrice Schüpbach: 079 295 29 18

We enjoyed it very much to show our works of art in direct contact. Therefore we decided to offer again the possibility to meet with visitors in person on the following days.

Important: as we have to grant access to the exhibition ourselves, it is necessary to register by phone on 077 489 36 12 or by e-mail at the latest the day before your visit.

The dates on which we will be present:

Monday, June 4, 17h to 20h
Saturday, 9 June, 14h to 17h
Wednesday, 13 June, 17h to 20h
Sunday, 17 June, 14h to 17h
Tuesday, 26 June, 17h to 20h
Friday, 29 June, 17h to 20h

David Thorner will be present on Friday 29 June.