FineArt Photography - From the shot to the print

A Photography Workshop with Rolf Mäder - 6 hours in 2 sections

A personal 1:1 workshop  is the most effective way to learn about photography.
You will learn exactly the information which you need for your progress.

  • First section: Photoshooting
  • Second section: Photo editing and printing
  • Each section can be booked separately

For each participant one finished A2 FineArt print or two A3 FineArt prints are included in the workshop fee.

Number of participants:

1-2 Participants.

Workshop dates:

On request.
The two sections can be scheduled within one day or on two different days.

Workshop themes:

The theme will be discussed and chosen prior to the workshop.

Suggested themes and places in the local area:

All pics are taken in the workshop area.

Workshop schedule:

The workshop will be designed according to the wishes and needs oft he participants.

  • The first section (3 hours) takes place in a beautiful outside setting in the surroundings of Basel – Olten, Switzerland, according to the cosen theme.
    In this section we will explore practical issues around camera settings and composition.
    According to the theme, the workshop might start early in the morning and an overnight stay in the area could be necessary. For an additional fee it is also possible to schedule the first section in another area (eg: SwIss Alps)
  • The second section (3-4 hours) takes place in Rolf Mäders editing studio in Langenbruck. This section encompasses picture validation, RAW conversion, work with Photoshop and Plugins, print preparation and printing,
Required equipment:
  • Each participant needs to have a DSLR or System Camera with the option to take photos in RAW format. There are possibilities to rent cameras or lenses which might be necessary for the chosen theme.
  • Tripod (depending on the theme)
The studio:
  • Software: Capture One, Adobe Photoshop, Various Plugins
  • FineArt photo paper by Museo and Canson
Workshop fee:

Entire workshop (6-7 hours in 2 parts, including print)

  • 1 Person: CHF 590
  • 2 Persons: CHF 320 each participant

First part only: (3 hours, without print)

  • 1 Person: CHF 260
  • 2 Persons: CHF 140 each participant

Second part only (3-4 hours, including print):

  • 1 Person: CHF 360
  • 2 Persons: CHF 240 each participant

15% price reduction for participants younger than 21 or older than 65.


Please sign up with the following form and I will contact you to discuss the details.

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