Gnomes, trolls and mythical creatures in the Magical Forest

«Welcome to the Magical Forest»

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Arduinna, the magical forest owl, recently introduced me to gnomes, trolls, forest spirits and fairies of the magical forest.
I have characterized and portrayed 33 of them in a photo book, to my delight and yours.
Chandra, the Enchanted Forest Archivist

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Sample pages:

On the historical-mythological-geographical background

by Conrad Steinmann

Schmisli, Gix & Gax and the other gnomes and trolls of the Magical Forest are siblings in spirit and in origin:
Long, long ago they broke away from the Urgäa, made themselves independent of the region that is now called "Australia". In primordial caves and in the coral-rich waters of the sea they have lived, loved, drawn, hunted and died without ever dying completely. Now they have finally reappeared in the lovely Longbridge in Switzerland, pale as chalk, but still wide awake, so that they play their game anew.
Do we know what game they are playing?
Are we playing along without knowing it?